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Conditions of sale

The main objective of Pharmacy Gangi is to offer quality products at a price that is clear and beneficial. But it is not enough if the conditions for the purchase of the product is not simple and understandable by all.

Privacy Policy Cookie Policy


Pharmacy Gangi is committed to respecting your online privacy and is concerned to provide only the most relevant information about our products and services.
We have adopted a program based on the responsibility and we are committed to respect the following principles: Legality, correctness, transparency and professionalism
We process the personal data in accordance with the law and with transparency and correctness towards the user.
Our task of data processing are conducted: 1) with the consent of the user; 2) in order to fulfill the obligations taken with the user; (3) for the legitimate purposes of conduct with the professionalism a business, innovate, and provide an experience to the customer without any problems.

Prices, contents and availability of the products


All prices shown on the website include VAT.
Prices and availability indicated in this catalogue are subject to stock availability and are subject to change for reasons of market or another. Discounts, vouchers and promotions are not cumulative. The images shown in the website www.farmaciadigangi.it are indicative and may differ significantly from the product actually available.

All contents of the site www.farmaciadigangi.it (text, images, photos, drawings, descriptions, etc...) are intended to be purely informative, designed to bring to the attention of the customers, or potentially such, the products sold by the Pharmacy Of Gangi sas and does not in any way the character or nature of advertising.

Validity of prices and confirmation of order via email

By submitting the order form you will receive an order confirmation automatically via email. This order confirmation has the only purpose to notify you of the receipt of the electronic order does not constitute acceptance of the order. The applied price will be fixed at the time of the order. It is possible however that some offered or articles they are in the meantime exausted or has endured variations of price are particularly relevant. In this case we reserve to contact you in the shortest possible time to cancel the order (without penalty for both parties) and possibly offer you an alternative product.


It is intended that the Pharmacy Gangi does not assume any liability for the use that the customer intends to make of the goods purchased. In the case of defective goods or goods not working Pharmacy Of Gangi have the only burden of repair or replacement at its discretion. In any case, the Pharmacy Di Gangi will be held responsible for loss of earnings due to the impossibility to use the products purchased.


Mode and times of retreat


Pharmacy Gangi does not ship with a courier company.

Orders received after the preparation, they will be made available for withdrawal in the Pharmacy to the care of the customer.

When the order is ready for collection, you will be sent a confirmation email containing the order status to "in shipping".

At the time of withdrawal, the customer will provide the balance of the order. Orders not picked up within 48 hours will be cancelled.

Code of Ethics and professional standards

Pharmacy Gangi Cammarata, Carmelina & C. sas, through its Director Dr. Gangi Dario and all the staff a graduate, you will observe the rules and principles contained in the Code of Ethics of a Pharmacist.

Social data

Pharmacy Gangi Cammarata, Carmelina & C. sas - Via Roma, 100 - 92014 Porto Empedocle (AG) - VAT 02653000840 - Number REA Agrigento No. 197555 - Tel. 0922/636257 - Fax 0922/636257 -
eMail ordini@farmaciadigangi.it - info@farmaciadigangi.it
The Director of pharmacy is Dr. Dario Di Gangi, writing to'Order of Pharmacists of Agrigento with no. 735


Phone: 0922636257

Via Roma, 100

92014 Porto Empedocle (AG)

Vat 02653000840

Whatsapp (solo messaggi): +39 3332622199



Email: info@farmaciadigangi.it


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